Welcome To Live Coverage Of Day 2 Of WPT India 2019 20K Kick-Off Event!

Guru Kumar Takes Down WPT India 2019 20K Kickoff Title For INR 8.05 Lac!

kickoff champion 3

Level 24 (Blinds 30-60k & BB Ante 60k)

And it is over! Guru Kumar emerges the new champion of the WPT India 20K Kickoff. He outlasted a 161-entry field to win the title and the top prize of INR 8.05 Lac along with the beautiful WPT trophy.

Kumar who started the final day 5th in chips with a stack of 220k got off to a great start, scoring the first elimination of the day in Vineet Kumar (11th). He continued to steadily build his stack and went on to outlast some tough players like Deepak Raina, Vaibhav Sharma, and the start-of-the day chip leader Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar (3rd) to eventually reach heads-up with Aayush Garg who fought well but could not go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up for an impressive INR 5,27,500.

The last hand of the tournament saw Aayush Garg moving all-in for 475k with Kh 8d and Guru Kumar called with AH 9C.

The board ran out 3s Qh 9d 5h Js, giving Kumar the pot and as well as his first-ever WPT title.


And It’s Down To Heads-Up Now!

Kickoff Heads-up

Level 21 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

After the start of the day chip leader Vikram Kumar exiting in 3rd place for INR 3,10,800, it is now heads-up between Guru Kumar and Aayush Garg. Here are the chip counts of the heads-up players:

Guru kumar 1.505m
Ayush Garg 1.110m


Vikram Kumar Finishes 3rd for INR 3,10,800

vikram kumar

Level 21 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)
Vikram Kumar who had started the day as the massive chip leader is no longer in the run.

He just got busted by Aayush Garg. It was a pre-flop all-in action. Vikram was on the button and he shoved for 360k stack holding Qd 10h. Aayush who was seated in the SB made the call with 3h 3c.

The board ran Ac 10d Js 3s 7h, giving a set to Garg to win the pot and bust Kumar from the tournament.


Vaibhav Sharma Finishes 4th for INR 1,89,200

vaibhav sharma
Level 20 (Blinds 10k-20k & Ante 20k)
Now we are down to three players in the WPT India 2019 Kickoff event.

Just a while back, we saw Vaibhav Sharma exiting the tournament in 4th place.

After a pre-flop raise of 46k by Aayush Garg, he shoved all-in for 200k stack putting himself at risk. Aayush took no time to call and tabled Ah Qd against Kd Jh of Vaibhav on a 3s 7h 4d 10c 7c board to win the pot.


Himanshu Arora Exits in 5th for INR 1,46,000

himansh arora
Level 19 (Blinds 8k-16k & Ante 16k)
Vikram Kumar continues to build his chip towers. Just now he busted Himanshu Arora who exited in 5th place.
It was pre-flop action where Himanshu from button shoved his 200k stack and Vikram Kumar called from BB.
Himanshu – Ah 6c
Vikram – As 7d
Board: 7s Qc Js 5d 7c
While the board blanked out for Himanshu, it gave Kumar three of a kind to win the pot and bust  Himanshu who received a cool payout of 1,46,000 for his deep run in the tournament.


Asheesh Naag Exits in 6th Place For INR 1,21,000

asheesh naag

Level 19 (Blinds 8k-16k & Ante 16k)
It wa a hell of run by Ahseesh Naag but his time is now over in this tournament. He exited the event just a while back.
Holding Ad Qc in UTG, he open shoved for Ad Qc and was called by the young talent Aayush Garg who held Ac Kd.
With the board missing both players, Aayush Garg won the pot with his better kicker, busting Naag in 6th place.


Nirav Parekh Finishes 7th For INR 1,04,876

Level 18 (Blinds 6k-12k & Ante 12k)
Start of the day chip leader Vikram Kumar is on a roll here.  Just now he eliminated Nirav Parekh.

Parekh’s As 5d failed to beat Jh Qh of Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar as the board came down 9s Ah 7h 6s 5h, bringing three hearts and giving Kumar a flush to win the pot and bust his opponent in 7th place.


Anand Babu Eliminated in 8th Place (INR  92,400)

anand babu

Level 17 (Blinds 5k-10k & BB Ante 10K)

Just after busting Deepak Raina, it is now Anand Babu himself exiting in 8th place. He open shoved for 87k
holding As 8d and Vaibhav Sharma holding Kc Kd in SB made a snap call.

The board opened Qd 6d Qc 2s 10d where Vaibhav’s cowboys held up and won him the pot.

With this, Babu got busted in 8th place, taking home INR  92,400 for his deep run.


Deepak Raina Exits in 9th Place For INR 80,500

deepak raina

Level 17 (Blinds 5k-10k & BB Ante 10K)

Another elimination from level 17 and it comes in tournament regular Deepak Raina

It was a pre-flop all-in action between Anand Babu and Deepak Raina who held Ks Jh against 9d 9s of Anand.

The board ran out 5s 2d 2s 4s 6d where pocket nines of Anand held up to win the pot and Raina got busted in 9th place.


Jaydeep Dawer Heads-Out in 10th Place For INR 69,700

Jaydeep D

Level 17 (Blinds 5k-10k & BB Ante 10K)

The second elimination of the day comes in the popular pro Jaydeep Dawer. It was a pre-flop all-in action where Jaydeep held As 7c against pocket sixes of Himanshu Arora. The board ran Qd 3s 3d 4s 2s where pocket sixes held up and Arora won the pot to add to his growing stack and Jaydeep hit the rail, finishing 10th for INR 69,700.

With the elimination of Dawer, we are down to 9 players where Arora is one of the biggest stacks!


Vineet Kumar -First Elimination of the final day (11th for INR  INR 69,700)!

Vineet k

Level 17 (Blinds 5k-10k & BB Ante 10K)

Vineet Kumar becomes the first elimination of the final day of the WPT India 2019 Kickoff event. He open shoved his 69k stack with Ah 4h and was quickly called by Guru Kumar in BB who held held a hand in As Kc. With the board missing both players, Vineet hit the rail in 11th place for INR 69,700.


Welcome To Day 2 Of WPT India 2019 20K Kick-Off Event

Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k)

We are back with the final day coverage of the series opener – 20K Kickoff. The 11 finalists from last night will resume play within a few minutes with the very popular Vikram ‘Lungi’ Kumar returning as the start of the day chip leader with a massive stack of 605,000. Trailing him is Himanshu Arora holding a stack of 360,000 chips. Other notables in contention for the kickoff title include Vaibhav Sharma (236,000), Jaydeep Dawer (173,000), Deepak Raina (106,000) & Vineet Kumar (69,000).

Play for Day 2 resumes at level 16 with 4k-8k & BB Ante of 8k. While each of the finalists is assured at least INR 69,700 prizemoney, the eventual winner will walk away with an impressive 8.05 Lac prizemoney along with the beautiful WPT India trophy. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the tournament!

Complete Chip Counts for Day 2 Start:

  1. Vineet Kumar – 69,000
  2. Vikram Kumar – 605,000
  3. Anand Babu – 62,000
  4. Himanshu Arora -360,000
  5. Guru Kumar – 220,000
  6. Asheesh Naag. – 191,000
  7. Vaibhav Sharma – 236,000
  8. Nirav Parekh -136,000
  9. Aayush G.- 257,000
  10. Deepak Raina – 106,000
  11. Jaydeep Dawer -173,000

Payouts For Final 11:

1st – INR 8,05,200
2nd – INR 5,27,500
3rd – INR 3,10,800
4th – INR 1,89,200
5th – INR 1,46,000
6th – INR 1,21,000
7th – INR 1,04,876
8th – INR 92,400
9th -INR 80,500
10th-12th – INR 69,700