APT Philippines 2022: Jasven Saigal Takes Down The NLH Event For PHP 5,32,200

Seasoned pro Jasven Saigal has been beasting it on the live felts in the Asian circuit. Last month, he made four final table finishes at World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Cambodia 2022, including shipping the $270 + 30 No Limit Hold’em – Superstack 6-Max Finale (Event #23) for $6,255. Continuing his good run, the veteran pro has shipped Event #13: ₱22K NLHE at the APT Philippines II 2022. The APT India 2022 Kickoff 20L GTD winner Saigal walked away with Php 5,32,200 for his latest victory. 

The other Indian pro to cash the event at the ongoing series was none other than the Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni, who bubbled the final table, finishing in 9th place for PHP 55,400.

Jasven overcame a strong FT featuring Brandon Koh (8th for PHP 66,500), Neil Lawrence (7th for PHP 81,700), Lee Soo Chang (6th for PHP 102,800), Kazutoshi Katsurada (5th for PHP 133,200) and Chang Jae Lee (4th for PHP 178,200), & Duhan Lee (3rd for PHP 246,700), bringing it down to the heads-up.

Jasven had a massive chip lead during the three-handed play and went on to extend it even further after eliminating Duhan Lee in third place to move into the heads-up play with Wai Chin Cheng.

The Indian pro began the heads-up with 890k against Wai Chin Cheng holding 200k and finished off things quickly. On the final hand, Saigal called the 10K/20K blinds, and Cheng checked it from the big blind. The flop opened 5h 3s 2c where Cheng checked it out and Saigal shoved all-in for his 890K stack with Jc 5d. Cheng, who was left with just 140k chips, made the call with Jh 3d. Jasven flopped top pair and held from there as the turn Qh and the river Ad changed nothing for either of them.

Final Table Payouts (PHP)

  1. Jasven Saigal – ₱532,300
  2. Wai Chiu Cheng – ₱354,800
  3. Duhan Lee – ₱246,700
  4. Chang Jae Lee – ₱178,200
  5. Kazutoshi Katsurada – ₱133,200
  6. Lee Soochang – ₱102,800
  7. Neil Lawrence – ₱81,700
  8. Koh Hsien Ren – ₱66,500